COMOG urges Muslims to be disciplined during Ramadan

Hajj Abdel-Manan Abdel Rahman, General Secretary of the Coalition of Muslim Organisations in Ghana (COMOG), on Saturday urged Muslims to use the Ramadan as an opportunity to develop qualities of endurance and self-restraint and to control anger and foul language.

“The main purpose of fasting as described in the Quran “so that you may attain Taqwa or God-consciousness. Fasting is an instrument for bringing us closer to our natural state for cleansing from the dross of any disobedience.

“On this occasion of Ramadan fasting, COMOG is urging all Muslims to renew their commitment to their creator and pray for peace in Ghana and the world as a whole.”

Hajj Abdel Rahaman gave the advice in a statement copied to Ghana News Agency said “COMOG wishes to seize this opportunity of this holy month to call on Muslims and non-Muslims to respect individual religious right and freedom, and eschew inflammatory language especially on sensitive national issues that could disturb the peace we are currently enjoying as a nation.”

He said COMOG would use the occasion to pray for the souls of June 3, fire and flood disaster victims and those on admission for speedy recovery.

He called on government to take pragmatic measures to prevent a recurrence of this kind of disaster in future by considering construction of huge underground drainage systems.

The General Secretary Advised Muslims to make lessons and character that would be acquired during Ramadan reflect in their everyday lives as stated in the Qur’an that Muslims are commanded to fast so that they may “learn self-restraint”. GNA

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