Update: over 250 dead in Accra filling station explosion

Accra goil filling station explosionThe death toll from Wednesday night explosion at a filling station in Accra has risen as more bodies are being pulled from the rubbles.

Death figures made available to VibeGhana.com currently puts the number of people who have lost their lives so far in the explosion at 256 (floods/fire).

A recue worker who is participating in the search operation tells VibeGhana.com that they expect that the numbers will keep climbing as they continue to dig through destroyed buildings.

“We are still finding dead bodies, and so far we have recovered over 256 and I can tell you it looks bad. we will continue to search but I’m afraid that we might find more”. Ofori Mensah said

The powerful explosion at the Goil Filling Station located around the Kwame Nkrumah Circle neighborhood in Accra is said to have been triggered by a portable generator fire.

Witnesses told VibGhana.com that a mixture of water and fuel from a parked truck at the station and some from a suspected underground leak came into contact with the generator fire behind the gas station.

‘Water was everywhere in Accra and last night many people were around this area, so a generator blew nearby and the fire started. The explosion happened very fast and there were creams for help”.

“The fire travelled through the water to reach the gas station. when it flooded I think the gas container underground busted so it mixed it with the flood water”. Peter, a witness said

Source: VibeGhana.com

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