COYLIB Charges Ghana Police To Expedite Action

Coalition of Young Liberals (COYLIB) was saddened and appalled at the news of a heinous ‘acidic attack’ on one of the illustrious sons of the land, Alhaji Adams Mahama. We condemn such criminal and cowardice acts in the greatest possible terms and should not be condone in any country where democracy thrives.

COYLIB expresses it deepest condolences to the bereaved family and the whole nation as they reflect on the loss of their beloved brother.

We commend the Ghana Police Service and their investigative departments for the swift response and the level of professionalism exhibited under such extreme conditions and ensuring no further casualties are recorded.

We urge the Ghana Police to know the youth of the republic are solidly behind them and must flagged any sort of interferences that may impede the progress of seeking justice for the deceased family.

We encourage them to continue with thorough investigations, bring the perpetrators to book, and deter other criminal gangs from using such medium to afflict individuals or persons on decisions with which one disagrees.

As majority of Ghanaians want alternative for the next government, it does not matter who plants and who waters in the biggest opposition party (NPP), what matters most are solutions to the numerous predicaments and harsh economic conditions in the country.

COYLIB seeks a healthy discussion between various groups within the NPP and further asked leadership to find a lasting solution to these problems.

As followers of democracy, we call on all political parties in the country to guard their focus and allow freedom of speech and tolerance to be a benchmark, which will inure to the benefit and growth of the Ghana.

We therefore advice all political parties in the country to remain calm and vigilant as this is an “isolated incident” and should not be used as a political expediency.

Samuel O Donkor (Convener of the COYLIB — +44 07984401983)
Issah Ayumah (Leading Member, 07930963560)
Justice Appiah Antwi (Leading Member, 0242360411)
Alolo Mutaka (Leading member, 07931635678)
Nana Ansah Oborfour (Leading Member, 07411461007)
George Adjei (Leading member, 0249582964)
Nana S Amponsah (Leading member, 0263117711)
Asafo Adjei (Leading member, 0249655353)

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