CEO advises women to be designers of the workplace

Ms Esther E.N Cobbah, Chief Executive Officer, Strategic Communication Africa has asked women to be the designers of the workplace employment to enable them succeed and be given appropriate recognition and reward for their works.

“We should not wait for anybody to do this for us,” Ms Cobbah made the request on Tuesday in Accra at the maiden Women in Human Resource (HR) conference organised by Ghana Employers’ Association.

“Indeed, employers need help in ensuring that the structure of the workplace gives more opportunity for women and its women in HR who are particularly well-placed to bring their talents to bear in doing this.”

Ms Cobbah said when the right environment is created for women, they excel and they must be given a leg up to achieve their full potentials.

“I can well imagine that many of you are having to juggle between responsibilities at home and responsibilities at work.

“These realities exist but, again, we should not let them prevent us from giving of our best at the workplace,” She advised.

She challenged women in Human Resource to use their innate talents and develop their ability to call forth the full potential of staff from an intimate knowledge of their capabilities.

Ms Cobbah said women in HR practice have a crucial role to play in making the organisations they are working in appreciate the importance of greater participation of women in the workplace.

“The ability to design programmes, which foster a healthier employer-employee relationship and promote an engaged workforce requires such sensitivity,” she noted.

She also advised women in HR to have vibrant communication skills that would enhance their constant interaction with staff at all levels to ensure understandable and harmonious policies of the organisation as well as appreciate what their roles are.

She lauded the Association for showing interest in the involvement of women in HR following their consistent recognition of women increment worldwide.

She however called for more opportunities for women to have jobs and to excel and be duly recognised for excelling in these occupations while performing their biological roles of giving birth to children and nurturing them. GNA

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