Egypt to open information offices across Africa

Mr Salah A. El-Sadek, Chairman, State of Information Service of Egypt, has said the country is opening more information offices across Africa.

He said the initiative was to provide “balanced” information to Africa and offer an alternative to what foreign media was telling Africa about Egypt.

El-Sadek said this in a presentation to participants at the 45th Young African Journalists training course in Cairo, under the auspices of the Union of African Journalists.

He said following the ban on Egypt in African Union (AU) activities some years ago, Africans only heard about Egypt through the foreign media and said it was time the country told its own story.

El-Sadek said the offices would help Egypt to get closer to other African nations and reposition the country as the cradle of civilization.

“We belong to Africa and it is time we network and know and understand each-other,” he said.

El-Sadek said Africa’s biggest challenge was the lack of information and urged leaders on the Continent to invest in the media.

He particularly advised African governments to support their information service departments and news agencies to promote social cohesion and safeguard the image of their countries. GNA

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