Movie Producers Urged To Produce Quality Movies

The producer of the new Ghanaian TV Series ‘Sunshine Avenue’, Kwame Boadi, has called on Ghanaian movie makers and TV series producers to collaborate to produce quality work to sustain the industry.

He was speaking to Adom News at the launch of ‘Sunshine Avenue’, jointly produced by Ingenius Africa and Advantage, with sponsorship from Investcom Advisers.
Kwame Boadi, who was also the producer of two popular TV series, ‘Suncity’ and ‘Taxi Driver’noted that in Hollywood, various production houses, advertisers and financiers collaborate to make movies and TV series go global, but in Africa, “movie makers tend to go solo and so we are unable to make good quality movies and we are unable to sustain the production over a long period of time but in Hollywood they come together to ensure quality and longevity of their productions.”

He said through collaboration with another production house in Denmark, he has produced a new movie called ‘Gold Coast’ which is due to be premiered in Denmark this June and Ghana in July.

“Collaboration is the way forward and I advise my colleague movie providers to look for partners and collaborate for sustainability,” he said.

Meanwhile, he said ‘Sunshine Avenue’ has a lot of humour and focuses on typical Ghanaian and Nigerian lifestyles.

It features old and new actors in a drama which centres on a promiscuous hairdresser, a supermarket owner and a pastor who is a conman.

He assured Ghanaians that the collaboration between Ingenius Africa, Advantage and Investcom would come out with many more quality productions.

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