UN must call South Africa to order – Cadres

The United Nations (UN) has been entreated to call the South African government to order concerning the ongoing xenophobic attacks in that country.

The United Cadres Front (UCF) of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) said the attacks on foreigners were instigating the wrath of other nations against South Africans living elsewhere.

In a press release issued by Mr Felix Nyaku Efanam, General Secretary of the UFC, the group said the UN must use all available means possible to quell the xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

Condemning the attacks, the UCF stated that, it was most worrying that the youth has blatantly refused to heed the call by President Jacob Zumah, South African President, to stop the attacks.

The statement said it sounded ridiculous for a country like South Africa that has suffered racial discrimination and subjugation for decades, to easily forget about their history and perpetrate such acts.

“By the horrendous pictures put on the net, South Africa is exposed to the world as a country of heartless people, which of course sends a wrong signal about a people considered as one of the most advanced in Africa and the world”.

According to the group, the youth of South Africa could not blame other nationals who were doing genuine business in their country as the root cause of their unemployment and social displacement. GNA

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