Video: Acid attacks against women on the rise in Ghana

girlfriend acid attackReports of men pouring acid on their girlfriends, fiancee or lovers is becoming almost a daily thing in Ghana.

Just last Monday, a 19-year-old girl Vivian Adomako who resides at Amenfi East District in the Western Region was attacked with acid by her boyfriend who did not agree with her decision to call off their relationship due to pressure from his family.

The boyfriend described as a 22-year-old jobless attacked Vivian at her house with the deadly chemical and has since gone into hiding.

Meanwhile, two other women shared their own ordeals after the men who claimed to love them poured acid on them which has left them with permanent disfigurements.

One of the ladies Anita, told Joy News that a pastor had told her then boyfriend that she had used him for money making rituals.

She said after spiritually consulting the pastor her ex-boyfriend rushed to her house where he poured acid on her face and other parts of her body.

Another young woman who also spoke with Joy news said her boyfriend of four years with whom she was supposed to be married to in two month attacked her with acid while she was bathing. correspondent Kwesi Aboagye says unless the police and the court system steps up the punishment for men who engage in this violent acid attack on women the trend will continue.

“In a lot of this cases the attackers get missing until the events are forgotten while the innocent young women are left to battle the serious injuries they sustain.”

He says there are more acid attack against women in Ghana than it has been reported in the media.

“So many of these kinds of acid attacks on women get settled by relatives especially in the villages without police involvement, any such settlement should be ignored by the authorities to ensure that women’s right are not silenced when they suffer violent attacks with money.”

He said heavy sentences must be handed out to men who violently attack women since according to him that will dissuade others from committing similar offences.


Watch video below:

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