Ghana slam lack of transparency in ’embarrassing’ 2017 Afcon vote

A Ghanaian representative claims that the method used in selecting Gabon as host of the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations was ambiguous

A member of Ghana’s bid committee for the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations has lashed out at the Confederation of African Football (CAF) over Gabon being awarded the tournament, claiming that there was an “embarrassing” lack of transparency in the voting process.

Randy Abbey has alleged that the majority of CAF’s 14-strong executive committee were kept in the dark throughout, revealing that both Ghana and Algeria have serious concerns about the legitimacy of Gabon’s victory.

“We would like to congratulate Gabon for being declared the winner. But there was something … and in the coming hours or days you will hear what, I’m sure, especially from the Algerians,” Abbey told Multi TV.

“Even the Executive Committee members who cast their vote did not know the result of the vote. Only two of them, with Issa Hayatou, were called to look at the vote.

“They were all ushered into the conference room where the media and representatives of the three countries were,” he said.

“What the votes were, we didn’t know. There were 14 members of the Executive Committee who voted. What the rules say is that there must be an outright winner, with a minimum of eight votes.

“In this case, we didn’t know how Gabon won – whether they got five or eight or 10 or 13 or 14 votes nobody knows, even now. Even the Executive Committee members weren’t told the results of their votes.

“Everybody was brought to the conference room and Caf president just took a paper that said Gabon had won.

“I found it quite embarrassing that this is happening in 2015. Maybe that is the value and culture here at Caf headquarters. Like they say in strategic management, that is how business is run here.”

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