Nigeria election results: Buhari calls for extra time

Nigeria ElectionThe 2015 Presidential candidate of Nigeria’s main opposition party the APC, General Muhammadu Buhari says he has no problem with extending voting for another day to allow Nigerians who did not get the chance to cast their ballots to be able to discharge their constitutional duties.

Gen. Buhari who was addressing the media in his home state of Katsina after casting his vote said he understands that there has been some delays in voting across the country due to credential verification and has no problem with extending the process for another day.

Delays were reported from many corners of Nigeria including Kaduna where voters are said to have waited at times for over 9 hours to cast their ballots.

Sitting Nigerian Goodluck Jonathan, was not spared by the verification machine at a polling station in his home town when he showed up to cast his ballot.

The verification machine rejected President Jonathan’s credentials and he had to return to the polling station later before the issues with his credential was sorted after which he was able to cast his vote. correspondent in Lagos, Nigeria, Emmanuel Adeleke reported that the delays has created tensions at some voting centers.

“A lot of the people are angry because the machines are not confirming their credentials. Security officers had to move in to calm the situation at some centers and as the night kicks in many haven’t voted.”

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