Some pastors are instruments of extortion – Pratt

Kwesi PrattManaging Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr has described the doings of some Reverend Ministers in the country as a felonious act of extorting money.

Pratt, who was discussing the moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rev. Prof Emmanuel Martey’s recent criticism of the Mahama-led administration on Radio Gold’s “Alhaji & Alhaji” programme, wondered why a “so-called” man of God could talk loosely.

The renowned Reverend Minister’s personality and political affiliation has been a topic for discussion after he launched a scathing attack on the government over its inability to solve the current energy crisis facing the country.

Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey, who was speaking to a congregation a couple of weeks ago, was quoted to have called on politicians to stop puffing religious tensions in the country and instead focus on tackling the copious difficulties facing the country under the current administration.

He also emphasized on his ability to resolve Ghana’s yet to be fixed energy crisis in just three months if he was in charge as president.

However, having been accused of being sympathetic to the cause of the opposition New Patriotic Party [NPP], Rev. Martey has been subjected to many verbal attacks by some individuals within the NDC.

Giving his take on the matter, the seasoned journalist said Rev. Martey qualifies to be a “religious bigot’.

He however opined that, the cassocks don by those so-called men of God have been dragged in the mud.

“There are many people in cassock simply because it is a uniform for their employment. In these days of unemployment, there is an opportunity in the church to get a job. Many so-called men of God priority is to make money…those are not men of God, those are instrument of extortion. Some are not qualified to be men of God,” he said on Radio Gold.

Source: peacefmonline

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