Mzbel: Please leave me alone

MzbelWhat would ordinarily get a young woman broken doesn’t seem to get at musician Mzbel and one can only conclude that she must be one strong woman.

After receiving bashing from all quarters after she made an appearance on an inspirational television show, Restoration With Stacy, on February 14 on TV3 to say she didn’t believe in Jesus Christ, the 16 Years singer still stands by her belief and wishes to be left alone.

She made this clear in an interview with Showbiz last Tuesday and said the way and manner people have attacked her after that declaration has been something else.

“When I appeared on the show, I was asked by Stacy whether I believed in Jesus Christ and I said no because I have done my own research and I believe that the story of Jesus Christ was made up.’’

Mzbel said people started calling her and saying all sorts of things to her after the programme was aired.

“Some people went as far as to say that I am anti-Christ, a witch, and that God will punish me because it is God who has made me what I am today and I am now denying Him.

“Some people just called and started speaking in tongues while others send me quotations from the Bible that I should repent. There were even a couple of callers who went to the extreme by threatening me with death,’’ she said.

She said that her persecutors have been even more brazen on social media where people are just following her to insult her.

“Since my interview was telecast, my following on Instagram, for example, has risen from 9,000 to 18,000 and still growing and the moment I post a picture, they start insulting me,’’ she said.

In all of these though, Mzbel is of the conviction that if people have a problem with what she said on television, they should attack the host of the show, Stacy, and not her.

“She is one of my close friends who knows that I don’t believe in Jesus Christ. I believe only in the God of Israel. She knew I would say no before asking me the question; it was like an ambush and she used that bit to promote the show to draw attention to it.’’

Mzbel told Showbiz that she asked for that bit of her interview to be edited because she was aware how unkindly people of other faiths may recieve it but Stacy and her managers ignored her request.

For Mzbel, what those who keep attacking her should do is to accommodate other people’s beliefs instead of virtually cursing her, and verbally attacking her and her children. “Everybody doesn’t have to believe in the same thing so why are they attacking me?’’

Asked whether this ‘wahala’ has affected her career, Mzbel said it has, to some extent.

“People are sabotaging my work, I have no evidence but they are not playing my songs on radio as much as I expected although I have “sorted them out” but I can’t tell if it is because of this issue, the insults have gone down a bit now but I am yet to know the damage it has caused.’’

Mzbel has definitely not given up on her career as she was scheduled to release a single yesterday titled One More Time produced by Jam Master J. She said that she will release three more singles Onye Ogbemi, Ekua and Xes very soon.

To her numerous fans, Mzbel says, “concentrate on the good music I give you and enjoy it not what I believe in, leave it to God to judge. To those who felt offended, I sincerely apologise because my intention was not to offend anybody.’

Source: Graphic Online

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