I won’t tell who Nadia’s lover is

Alhaji BuariAlhaji Sidiku Buari, dad of actress Nadia Buari, has said he would not disclose the identity of the lucky man who impregnated his lovely daughter.

Alhaji Buari’s position further thickens the mystery over which man may have impregnated the actress as speculations continue to go haywire.

When pushed to the wall to disclose the identity of the twins’ dad on Neat FM’s Entertainment Ghana, Alhaji Sidiku Buari’s response remained, “No comment; I will not say anything for now let’s talk about that later”.

He however confirmed for the umpteenth time that Nadia has been blessed with a set of twins.

“Yes it is true my daughter has given birth to two beautiful bouncy baby girls and we thank God for everything,” Alhaji Buari noted.

When news broke in Accra that Nadia had given birth to twins, many were quick to mention Nigerian actor Jim Iyke as the likeliest father of the babies.

That speculation was however cut short when popular television host Vanessa Gyan, daughter of legendary keyboardist Kiki Gyan, went public with a claim that Jim Iyke could not have been responsible for Nadia’s pregnancy because the two movie makers ended their relationship some eleven months ago.

According to Vanessa, Nadia gave birth in the Atlanta hospital in the presence of her mother and brother, adding that the fiancé of the actress showed up at the hospital later and it was not Jim Iyke.

It remains a mystery why the Buari family has decided to hide the identity of the man in Nadia’s life, especially when the same family opened up about the talk-of -town marriage ceremony of Nadia’s sister, Shaida.

The actress has also not been straightforward whether or not she was in a love relationship with Jim Iyke, though the two were always seen at public functions behaving like lovers.

Nadia, once upon a time, had a long-term love relationship with soccer star, golden-boy Michael Essien of Chelsea Football Club but the two called off their relationship for undisclosed reasons in 2009.

Sometime last year, she was reported to have been seen looking pregnant. She was spotted with an engagement ring last year but Nadia refused to disclose the new man responsible for the diamond on her finger. Not long after that, she was again spotted looking pregnant and speculations had it that she was seeing Fally Ipupa, a 33-year-old award winning artist from DR Congo, but as usual the report was not confirmed.

As it stands now, the public may have to wait for a while as the media keeps digging to identify the man who impregnated actress Nadia Buari.

Source: Daily Guide

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