TB Joshua Named Yoruba Man Of The Decade

TB JoshuaOne of the most popular pastors in Ghana, Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua, has been named the ‘Yoruba man of the decade’ for his contributions to humanity.

IrohinOdua, the first pan-Yoruba news medium, made the announcement via the Nigeria newspaper ‘Nigerian Tribune’. The Yoruba people are one of three prominent ethnic groups in Nigeria, constituting over 35 million people, of which 400,000 are said to be residing in Ghana.

In addition, Nigerian Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka was named ‘Yoruba man of the year’ and prominent Nigerian statesman and social democrat Chief Obafemi Awolowo was posthumously awarded ‘Yoruba man of the century’.

According to the statement, the three personalities were selected after a careful consideration of the role each had played in the annals of modern Yoruba history.

Eulogising T.B. Joshua’s contribution to tourism in Nigeria, the Editorial Board Chairman for IrohinOdua, Prince Adeleke said, “The ancestral origin of The Synagogue has transformed from a dingy wasteland into a local Disneyland drawing, in one year, millions of visitors to Nigeria from Africa, Europe, the Middle East and America.”

He continued, “We see in his handiwork, a quiet revolution to transform the world in ways unimaginable. Since we blew the whistle for nomination, we have received incalculable, baffling testimonials from royals and ordinary street folks leading us to a hidden light in a dark, malicious world where the poor remain the dreg and the end butt of repression, neglect and perpetual want.”

Joshua received the nod despite the fact that several prominent Nigerian pastors also have Yoruba origins. These include Enoch Adeboye, David Oyedepo, Matthew Ashimolowo, Tunde Bakare and William Kumuyi.

T.B. Joshua gained prominence in Ghana due to his relationship with former President John Evans Atta Mills whose ascension to presidency was allegedly predicted by Joshua. His television station Emmanuel TV remains one of the most viewed channels across Ghana.

Tawia Acheampong is a freelance writer based in Accra, Ghana

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