Counsel for pirates to get access to clients

An Accra District Court, presided over by Ms Efua Sackey, has ordered the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) to grant access to the counsel for the alleged eight Nigerian pirates to meet them.

As part of the order, Mr Uche Nwosu, the counsel for the accused persons, would have the opportunity to have conference with his client, twice a week on Tuesday and Friday from 0900 hours 1400 hours.

The court, made the order, after the counsel complained to the court that he has been denied access to meet with his clients, after their last court appearance.

Earlier, the counsel prayed the court to grant him a three-hour opportunity to meet his clients in the premises of the court but prosecution objected to the it, saying the premises was not appropriate.

Mr Nwosu said he applied to the BNI to gain access to his clients since the police authorities and the BNI says it was a high profile case but nothing was done about it.

Chief Inspector Iddrisu Fuseini told the court that the security authorities had an arrangement with the accused persons for them to communicate with their relatives after court proceedings today.

The accused person one after the other told the court that there was no such arrangement between the police authorities and them and that they have never communicated with their families.

Chief Inspector Fuseini told the court that the police are still investigating, since the case was a high profile one.

“We need more time to conclude the investigations,” he added.

He, therefore, prayed the court for a week’s adjournment.

The accused persons, whose plea were not taken, were charged for conspiracy to commit crime and piracy.

The case was adjourned to March 5.

The accused persons are Molih Williams, Molih Klinsman, Peggy Aki, Ebiyaibo Amos, David Jacobs, Apetimiyi Oyinie, Pinano Saniyo and Picolo John, all unemployed. GNA

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