Koku Anyidoho: NPP Did The Right Thing

Koku AnyidohoA deputy General Secretary for the National Democratic Congress has doffed his hat to the New Patriotic Party, after they peacefully demonstrated against the sitting government due to the worsening power conditions.

Mr. Koku Anyidoho, cautioned members in his party not to insult their rival for taking to the streets to let out their frustration.

In his candid opinion, he stated during the NDC’s days in opposition, one area they used to get the NPP’s attention was by embarking on series of demonstrations.

“Our children and wives are suffering. There is too much heat because of ‘dumsor’. In opposition, we (NDC) demonstrated against ROPAL. No one should say it is satan who has led the NPP to do theirs,” he advised.

Contrary to sarcastic digs that other senior members of the NDC have taken against the NPP for staging the ‘Won Gbo Demo’, Mr. Anyidoho noted that “they (NPP) are done with the demo; it now behoves on government to listen and ensure the impact of the ‘dumsor’ is reduced. We are all suffering and NDC members are not excluded”.

Mr. Koku Anyidoho spoke on Peace FM’s midday bulletin and explained that since every Ghanaian was feeling the devastating effect of the power crisis, members in opposition did the right thing by embarking on their demonstration.

He even went on to state that the worsening power condition was beginning to have a negative effect on die-hard NDC members.

“I have a barber I work with and three days ago, he came to me and informed me that one staunch member of the NDC was losing her cool because of ‘dumsor’. The woman’s beef with the NDC is that her deep freezer is spoilt and this has killed her ice water business.

“The barber told me that the woman had gone into her room and collected all her NDC paraphernalia and was about to set it ablaze. She was determined to do it and it only took the timely intervention of the barber to stop her. In fact the barber told me that if she had done it, it would have made them lose trust in the NDC”, Mr. Anyidoho said.

He however mentioned that President Mahama isn’t sleeping on the job and is doing all he can to ensure the power situation is brought back to normal.

Credit: Peacefmonline

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