Lydia Forson: Acting with a bad script is like selling my soul to the devil

Lydia ForsonMany would die to play “walka pass” roles in movies just for the fame but for Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson who might have seen it all in the movie industry, nothing will make her star in a movie with a bad script.

Speaking with Lexis Bill on Joy FM, the heavily endowed actress and producer of Letter to Adam downplayed grapevine information that her recent disappearance from TV screens was as a result of her inability to secure scripts. She explained she has decided to stay to only good scripts.

According to her, “…….acting with a bad script is like selling my soul to the devil. I can’t come to terms with myself years later as to why I starred in such movies. What do I tell my children when they ask me questions about such movies?”

The actress also touched on her opinion about recent churches and how some of them have been repulsive. According to her, the church should rather be a welcoming place for people with different backgrounds but the church has turned somehow selective as a sect of people are looked at with different lenses.

Speaking on alleged rift between herself and Shirley Frimpong-Manso, Lydia stated there was nothing like that and will be willing to work with her on any occasion.

“The only thing that could make me turn down a call from Shirley would be a bad script which I know won’t happen but may be the other factors may rather make me do so….You know I have a spot spot for Shirley”, she said.


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