Lydia Forson: I’m in love

Lydia ForsonCurvy Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson had more than she bargained for when she took the hot seat on Personality Profile on Drive Time on Joy FM with Lexis Bill Thursday night.

Apart from her beauty and acting skills, Lydia is also known for her awesome ability to bamboozle interviewers but Thursday night’s was different. She confessed.

The actress was virtually caged and restrained from rolling out her usual bubbly self to outsmart and contain interviewers forcing her to concede that “This is the worst interview I’ve ever had. Whoever thought Lydia Forson will be like this”?

For the first time, Lydia was cornered. She had nowhere to hide, she had to come clean and when Lexis started gun blazing from all angles, the actress had to call a truce and surrender her love life to the public! A rare exposé.

The bubbly actress is in love and exclusively admitted that, “I like someone very much and I’m happy.” Lydia, who was already blushing and beaming with smiles, answered “maybe” when Lexis probed further to find out if she is in a relationship.

Lydia’s love, named only as Reese, obviously possesses the qualities of her man.

“I tend to fall for people’s personality before their looks. I want someone I can just be myself around. Someone who doesn’t take life too seriously, someone who is funny. I need to be able to laugh with someone, I get bored of people who are so serious,” she revealed and Reese fits the bill.

After conceding and fully immersing herself in love, which is no more secret, Lydia, who wore a lovely green dress that accentuated her gifted contours, defined true love as…

“When you are really crazy about someone, you find yourself thinking about them more, you go the extra mile. It turns to be a little crazy sometimes. I love hard so maybe I’ve done some really crazy, stupid things,” for love.

According to her, and clearly from experience, “When you are with someone, it is not really a status thing. You are really into the person. When you are in love you can lose yourself.”

“Real love is when you put the person’s needs above yours. You are constantly thinking about the person. You want to make them happy. I think love is selfless, you get joy from their happiness,” she added.

Lexis did not win all the battles on the night, Lydia also won some. She managed to keep the identity of her man under wraps; she neither budged nor yielded to the host’s persuasions to make her gargantuan revelation complete.

She left the studios with the identity of her love safely tucked under her sleeves. The revelation that she is hooked left a listener heartbroken: “Lexis, I’m heartbroken to know she is loved by someone else…” the listener commented.

Although she is in the public’s eye, she wants some aspects of her life, including relationship, to remain private.

Source: myjoyonline

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