Nigeria on a verge of serious conflict after presidential election?

By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai

Nigerians are set to go to the polls on February 18 to either retain Goodluck Jonathan as president or chose mohammadu buhari or another person as president.

The contending parties People’s Democratic Party, All People Party and the others are engaged in campaigns with their posters and billboards splashed all over Nigeria yet all is not well with Nigeria as a nation.

Nigeria which used to be a peaceful nation is now engulfed with conflicts with Boko Haram and other extremists using young girls to serve as suicide bombers especially during political rallies.

The latest of the scary happening is that a bomb exploded outside a stadium in the Nigerian city of Gombe, minutes after President Goodluck Jonathan left a campaign rally there.
At least three people were killed and 18 others were wounded in the blast, hospital sources said.

‘Angry youth’Mohammed Bolari, who was at the rally in Gombe, said the explosion occurred some three minutes after Mr Jonathan’s departure.

“The president had just passed the parking lot and we were trailing behind his convoy when the explosion happened,” he was quoted as saying.

This is not the first time that a dignitary was nearly killed in Nigeria. There was an attempt on the life of the sultan of Kano Alhaji Sanusi who escaped death when suicide bombers and gun men attacked
Muslim worshipers killing some of the worshippers.

A serious study of the situation shows that the conflicts in Nigeria might not end anytime soon. Even though many people blame it all on the Boko Harram insurgents, the volatile situation in the country can lead to other groups who wish to destabilize Nigeria to take advantage of the situation to cause havoc to the nation.

As a result of the happenings in the nation which makes Nigeria unsafe many are those who are calling for postponement of the elections in Nigeria. Some other feel that whoever wins the elections the nation could be plunged into full blown war.

There are others who are of the opinion that the interim electoral commission must go ahead with the elections. They feel that the conflict is a storm in a tea cup and might stop at the end of the electoral process. While agreeing that the electoral processes must continue the government has a duty to work towards ending the mayhem in the country.

They can do so by providing the right military equipment and other incentives to the military men who are employed to protect the people to be able to maintain peace in all parts of the country. It is the fear of all people that if care is not taken the purpose of the election meant to promote democracy might end up becoming the cause of full blown conflicts.

Again it is our prayer that the Africa Union and ECOWAS commission under the chairmanship of President John Mahama would continue to work out mechanism to bring peace to Nigeria soon

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