Vodafone Ghana projects rise in mobile data usage

Vodafone Ghana is projecting an exponential growth in smartphone adoption across the country with a complementary shift by customers towards added mobile data usage this year.

Current estimates indicate that mobile technology is probably the best thing that ever happened to the average citizen in Ghana, providing a revolution that cannot be matched.

It has also stepped up the pace of growth in African countries and Ghana to be more specific by given more power to the consumer and made life very simple and easy.

Mr Haris Broumidis, Chief Executive of Vodafone Ghana, said he anticipated a terrain where there would be an increased appetite for data and innovation.

“Despite the seeming saturation of the mobile telephony market, I am convinced that there is still room for penetration, especially in terms of users. Data is the new frontier and we are happy to be at the forefront of this,” he said.

He said customer experience would be very key in the industry this year and as a company, it would be totally differentiated through its network, touchpoints, value propositions, customers as well as the usage of products and services.

“That is what the competition cannot change. Our brand promise ‘Power to You’ finds expression in how we deliver this,” he added.

The industry in Ghana, however, continues to face headwinds from regulatory interventions coupled with aggressive competition and a tough economic environment.

Outstanding regulatory issues including the proposed Interconnect Clearing House, price regulation by the National Communication Authority and generic industry concerns around SIMbox fraud and cable thefts continue to present areas of concern for mobile operators in the country. GNA

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