Agyin Asare is not a man of God – Rev. Owusu Bempah

Owusu-BempahAssertive preacher Rev. Isaac Owusu Bempah has thrown an open challenge to his counterpart Bishop Charles Agyin Asare of Perez Chapel International for the two to meet and prove who of them is of God and who is fake.

Rev Owusu Bempah, General Overseer of the Glorious Way Chapel, threw the challenge in response to a comment by Bishop Agyin Asare that a prophecy Rev Bempah had given about President Mahama could not have come from God.

“When Agyin Asare sees me, he calls me ‘Prophet’. He hugs me and we sit together in his office to have discussions. If I am not of God, why does he do all these things when he sees me? He has not been happy about some of my prophecies about the President and that is why he may have said that. But I told him my mind anyway…. I do not agree that Agyin Asare is a man of God,” Rev Bempah told Richmond Roland De- Graft Johnson on his popular midnight Christian show, ‘Gospel Hitz’, on Hitz fm.

He continued: “If the two of us are standing together and we are asked to show who is not of God, I can expose him for all to see. But it is not necessary because he is doing his job and I am also doing my job. …. I am on record to have said TB Joshua is not of God and I can prove it. If Agyin Asare is also saying I am not of God, I have evidence to prove something about him for all to see how and who he truly is.

“I am not saying things from my mind. I have information on him and there are things I cannot say publicly. I want a day to face him face-to-face for us to see the one who is not from God. I would say things I know about him and also listen to the things he has to say about me and we shall see who is not of God.”

Owusu Bempah disagreed with the assertion that he is a doomsday prophet who only sees negative things.

“I am not the only Prophet in Ghana who sees bad things. The situation of the country is what I see. I don’t know what has gone on or what our leaders have done but I don’t see good things ahead.

“There are times I see positive things but when I see negative things I also have to say them. We have to say the bad things we are seeing so as to pray against them. Prophets are not only for saying good things. We also see negative things.

“I cannot lie that there is peace when I have not seen peace. Jesus Christ said he did not only come with peace but with the sword that would set up father against child and child against father. In the Bible, the people of Nineveh were there when one day, Jonah came out of the belly of a whale and said God would destroy Nineveh within 30 days. It was strange for someone to come out of the stomach of a fish, get the attention of everyone and then start to make scary prophecies.

“But the king organised his people to pray against it and God changed his mind… Prophet Isaiah went to King Hezekiah and told him to prepare his will because he was about to die. But the King prayed about it and God changed his mind,” he added.

Source: Daily Guide

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