Yvonne Okoro: I want to help women get men

Yvonne OkoroPopular actress Yvonne Okoro has said one of the reasons she hosted London’s hook up ‘doctor’ Des O Connor on her ‘Dining With’ cooking show was to help women win their favourite men.

Des O Connor, who is known in London as Mr Hitch, is popular for hooking people up in London to get married or find life partners for a fee of £5,000 or more. Interestingly, he himself is divorced.

It was his first time on a Ghanaian cooking show, and he took some time to talk about his private life.

According to Yvonne, she found his line of work very interesting, and that she wanted her viewers to have an insight into what he does.

“Perhaps this is not ordinary in our part of the world, but he was on the show so he can help women get their men.

I wonder why he prefers to hook women up than men and why he charges so much for just a hook up.

He is divorced and if he can’t get a woman for himself, then I don’t believe it’s necessary to pay so much.

So those were some of the reasons he was on the show,” Yvonne said after the show on Sunday.

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