Nigeria Election 2015: I Will Not Vote For Buhari Because Of Osinbajo – Pastor

Another Redeemed Pastor, Bribena Efiye, has come out to comment on the current political battle being waged within the house of God as Nigeria’s 2015 tension-soaked elections steadily draw closer.

“As a pastor in the RCCG, I will not vote for Buhari simply because he has picked Osinbajo as his running mate,” Efiye unequivocally stated in an interview published by Nigeria’s Daily Sun.

“One can see the APC trying to launder the image of someone who has consistently allied himself to religious fundamentalism,” he continued. “A case in point is Buhari’s utterances in the run up to the 2011 general elections where he categorically said that Muslims should not vote for Christians and that Northerners should not vote for a Southerner,” Pastor Bribena proceeded.

“That, for me, is a very serious issue. So, the fact that Prof Yemi Osinbajo, who is a pastor in the RCCG, was picked as his running mate does not take care of that issue. Rather, it makes one to believe that picking Osinbajo is a deliberate attempt to launder Buhari’s image. APC is only trying to pull wool over the eyes of the Nigerian electorate…”

Efiye insisted that Redeemed General Overseer Pastor Adeboye had not placed his political allegiances in any political party despite reports that he gave his blessing to Professor Yemi Osinbajo to run as the vice presidential candidate of Buhari.

“The propaganda machinery of APC is only trying to create the impression that the GO of the RCCG and the Church have backed Buhari because he picked Osinbajo as his running mate. There is nothing that is further from the truth… The G.O. has made it clear that he is father of everybody because he has children in both PDP and APC.”

In a statement also attributed to Efiye, the Redeemed Pastor further accused APC of deliberately attempting to cause division in the church by their actions. “I want to advise the propaganda machinery of APC to please leave the church out of the murky of politics,” he said in a statement also published by Nigeria’s Daily Sun.

The pastor was referring to a ‘faceless group’ who called for a national prayer rally in Lagos but actually had the ulterior motive of mobilising support for APC.

“They shouldn’t drag the church into politics because if they do, the church will become divided. We don’t want what is happening in Enugu State to happen,” he concluded.

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