Odike 2015 New Year Message to Ghanaians

The year 2014 has been a very challenging year to Ghanaians but the Grace of Almighty God has seen us through to the end.

The review of the performance of Government in 2014 in terms of addressing the socio-economic challenges facing Ghanaians as well as reducing Institutional Corruption can be rated as an average according to a section of Ghanaians and I hope that as we journey into the 2015 the Mahama administration will learn lessons from the mistakes of the 2014 and improve the living condition of Ghanaians by easing the economic burdens.

I would like to urge H.E. John Dramani Mahama and the NDC Government to exhibit a true sense and selfless leadership to deliver their Better Ghana Agenda they promised Ghanaians and this could be done through citizen participation, which is All-Inclusive-Governance. Successful Business tycoons, Economist, academia and other major stakeholders are ready and willing to assist Mahama administration to achieve the Better Ghana Agenda but Mr. President; you have to open the doors to embrace these divergent socio-economic ideas to transform the economy of Ghana in 2015.

I would like to commend the Farmers, Labour Unions, State and Private Institutions, Businesspersons for helping to sustain the 2014 Economic year in spite of all the challenges of 2014.

I equally salute the NDC and NPP for successful Congresses.

With the enormous resources at our disposal as a Country, Ghana rightly deserves BEST GHANA AGENDA and frankly speaking this Agenda can never be achieved with Weak Policies of the NDC and Propose Outmoded Policies from the book knowledge of the NPP. For these reasons I shall offer myself again for the 2016 general elections as a Presidential Candidate in accordance with God will and permission to wrestle power to make Ghana the BEST PLACE TO DWELL just like London(UK) which is now the vacation place of Ghanaian prominent and leading politicians.

Happy New Year to all Ghanaians, home and overseas


Akwasi Addai Odike

(Chief Founding Father & 2012 Presidential Candidate of UFP)

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