KSM: Plot against KKD ‘thickens’

Kwasi Kyei Darkwah K.K.DComedian and TV show host, Kweku Sintim-Misah (KSM) claims the plot against embattled fashion and radio personality, Kwasi Kyei Darkwa (KKD) is ‘thickening’ by the day.

The KSM show host posted on his official Twitter page that there are also ‘mind-boggling revelations‘ concerning the whole saga.

According to KSM, some of the ‘mind-boggling revelations’ were revealed to him by the lawyer of KKD, Nana Asante Bediatuo after he ‘visited KKD.’

Several radio celebrities who visited KKD at the Airport Police station claim he is not in the best of shapes as he sits in the police cells

The radio icon was arrested on Saturday, 27th December, 2014 by the Airport Police for sexually assaulting 19-year old Ewuraeffe Orleans Thompson.

Efforts to get bail for him proved futile yesterday with his Lawyers indicating their willingness to seek bail at a higher court today.

“Visited KKD. I had a long chat with him and his Lawyer Bediatuo. Mind-boggling revelations. THE PLOT THICKENS!!!!” KSM posted on his Twitter page.

According to Lawyers of KKD, a security footage from the African Regent Hotel showed Ghanaian celebrity, and the victim of the alleged rape case kissing before and after the alleged incident.

They claim that the two were spotted by the cameras in a similar embrace before and after the incident was alleged to have occurred.

In their application for bail filed at the Human Rights Courts in Accra on Wednesday, KKD’s legal team referred to the footage from the CCTV at the hotel, which they claim shows the complainant “romantically kissing” the accused person before the alleged non-consensual sexual incident.

It added that “most importantly, after the alleged rape was said to have occurred, the footage shows the accused and the complainant walking together from the hotel suite through the hotel lobby in much the same manner as they entered the hotel.”

This was one of the many reasons in their bail application, a copy of which was served the Attorney General for advice on which court should try the matter.

The lawyers filed the application at the Human Rights Court after the Accra Magistrate court denied the renowned broadcaster’s earlier application for bail.

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  1. This should serve as a big BE CAREFUL. To all married men: Value your family. KKD and many other celebrities enjoy eating their cake and having it at the same time; they do not care about who gets hurt and will lead those infatuated with them on instead of directing them in the right way. Well now you see that SE NAA U CAN GET BURNT TOO. Alomo bibioo shock you.
    Or maybe its a plot to break your wife’s heart so that she can leave the marriage and you can do whatever eh?
    Anyway this chick needs to do a little jail time if the affair was consensual.

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