Koforidua “Mr No Shaking” finally shaken

Farouk Alhassan, also known as “Mr No Shaking”, a popular businessman in Koforidua with a sharp tongue and fearless of anybody, has received an unforgettable beating which almost ended his life.

According to the Eastern Regional Police, on Christmas Day, at about 2300 hours, Mr No Shaking descended his sharp tongue on the Regional Police Patrol Team on duty at the Koforidua Central Business Area at the Total Two Filling Station, a popular entertainment and fuel filling station, without any provocation.

The Regional Police Public Relations Officer (PRO), Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Yaw Nketia-Yeboah, who led the patrol team, said, the police pretended not to have heard Mr No Shaking’s derogatory remarks on them.

He said, unfortunate for Mr No Shaking, he descended his sharp tongue on one Osei Assibey Bonsu, who was in a company of three young men from Kumasi to celebrate the Christmas festivities in Koforidua.

According to ASP Nketai-Yaboah, Bonsu confronted Mr No shaking for attacking him but Mr No shaking slapped Bonsu for having the courage to confront him.

“Before one could say jack, Bonsu who had blocked the next blow gave the disrespectful Mr No Shaking an uppercut, raised him in the air and hit his head and upper body twice against a pillar by the fuel dispensing machine, threw him on the ground and slammed him on the floor,” he said.

Bonsu innocently left Mr No Shaking on the floor and joined his friends in a car at the back seat and sped off leaving Mr No Shaking unconscious on the floor.

Fearing for the risk, a Good Samaritan rushed in and gradually poured a bucket full of soapy water meant for washing car screens at the filling station on Mr No Shaking’s upper body.

Mr No Shaking then opened his eyes and looked around wondering where he was.

According to ASP Nketiah-Yeboah, he ordered his men to arrest Bonsu which the gentleman readily complied and joined the patrol team.

ASP Nketiah-Yeboah said four young men, known to be Mr No Shaking’s body guards and hangers-on were looking on motionless, fearful of the presence of the patrol team but however managed to lift their dispirited master to the Koforidua Central Police Station .

“Mr No Shaking who at this stage was soaked to the marrow, blamed his body guards for his predicament,”

He said Mr No Shaking refused to collect the police medical form or attend hospital and retorted in Twi that “foolish people, because of GH¢20.00, you want me to be killed. If I had not pretended to be dead that foolish man would have killed me” and stormed out of the police station.

ASP Nketia-Yebaoh said Bonsu was released later that night by the regional police to report on a later day. GNA

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