Woman killed in communal conflict in Wa

A long-standing communal conflict between members of Dondoli and Jujudeiyiri communities in the Wa Municipality ignited on Saturday night, with one person dying of a gunshot wound and four others being hospitalised.

Binta Sidiki, who was in her early 40s, was shot at in the forehead by an unknown assailant.

The Dondoli and Jujudeiyiri people have been involved in conflict over a disputed piece of land, which is being settled in court.

Narrating the incident to the Ghana News Agency, Mr. Sidiki Seidu, husband of the deceased, said lately, some people had been going round the Dondoli Community to set some houses on fire.

He said on Saturday night, at about 2300 hours, the women in the compound shouted that the house of the younger brother of the deceased, Abdul Nafiu, was on fire.

This, he said, this prompted Madam Sidiki to rush out to support the other women in the compound to fetch water to quench the fire.

However, in her attempt to secure her brother‘s sound system from burning, she was shot in the forehead through the window by the assailant, killing her instantly.

Another woman, Madam Hawawu Musah, 30, was also shot at in her right leg, which became fractured, after which the pellet penetrated the left leg and injured it.

She explained that she was resting in bed with her husband, when she heard a noise behind her window, which was followed by a blazing fire in a rubber, thrown onto their bed.

She said while her husband was putting out the fire, she went out to also douse the window curtains but she was lashed with a stick on her hands, injuring her finger.

Madam Musah said she then wailed and ran back into the compound.

However, the second house after their house was also set ablaze so they rushed to quench the fire to prevent it from engulfing the entire compound.

She said in their bid to put out the fire, some assailants shot at them thus injuring her legs.

“I was carried from the floor and put in a car that was brought later to send me to the hospital,” she told the GNA, in tears, at her bed side.

Three other persons who also sustained gunshot wounds were treated and discharged from the Wa Regional Hospital.

Some attempts were made to burn other houses through the windows, while several of them had had their doors and window s riddled with pellets.

The deceased has since been buried.

Meanwhile, there are police and military patrols in the two communities to calm the situation but no arrest had been made, at the time of the GNA’s visit. GNA

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