Desist from selling abortion drugs

Pharmacy and chemical shops attendants in the Sunyani Municipality have been asked to stop selling abortion drugs to curb induced abortions cases recorded in the Municipal Hospital.

The Hospital has been recording about 16 to 18 cases a month since the beginning of the year, Mrs. Hannah Ocran, Midwife at the Hospital, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview, on Friday, in Sunyani.

Mrs. Ocran advised Herbalists also to refrain from the act, saying the situation was serious because it led pregnant young women, mostly, to arrive at the hospital in very severe and complicated conditions, needing prompt attention to save their lives.

She implored those shop attendants and herbalists to rather direct pregnant women who wanted to terminate their pregnancies to the nearest health facility for safe abortion as abortion has now been legalized to save their lives from dangerous actions.

Mrs. Ocran complained that most pregnant women either drank or inserted such drugs in their genitals in their desperate attempts to abort the conception, saying that crude application sometimes caused them to bleed profusely before they were rushed to the Hospital.

She advised marriage couples to limit their births through authorised family planning methods and urged the youth to abstain from premarital sex because abortion is dangerous and could lead to infection, infertility and even death.

Mrs. Ocran stated that the Hospital recorded nine births: seven females and two males, from December 24 to 25, explaining that seven of the mothers had normal deliveries whilst two had Caesarian Section due to their emergency conditions.

She advised pregnant women not to delay when they start to feel signs of delivery and also comply with the advice given to them at the ante-natal clinics by taking their drugs, while eating balanced and healthy meals to avoid anaemic -related conditions.

Mrs. Ocran entreated husbands to also support their pregnant wives financially to be able to buy the necessary items that were required for safe delivery. GNA

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