President Mahama Insults Ghanaians

President MahamaThe period during which propaganda-oriented politics triumphed is gone.

Part of it could be attributed to the effectiveness of the social media network in the dissemination of information regardless of its orientation (being political, religious or social). Part of this could be the remote reason why the NDCs have decided to do away with their long held trusted executive position called the propaganda secretary.

The sole purpose of this official outfit had always been to deceive Ghanaians to the benefits of the NDC but to the detriment of the good people of Ghana.

Since the propaganda office is physically gone, President Mahama decided to exert his own propaganda machinery during the NDC congress to elect national officers but, in so doing, insulted the intelligence of Ghanaians and exposed his own short sightedness.

President Mahama out of myopic thinking enumerated few sub-standard supposedly completed projects and described Ghanaians as having selective myopia even if Ghanaians have higher standards than the President and as a resulted considered his so called achievements as substandard and unrecognized.

It is the same President Mahama who was seen in a video in few days ago dancing to the tune of “yentie obiara” lyrics; to wit, we will not listen to the concerns of anyone.

How could the President of Ghana be so insensitive to the plight of the good people of Ghana?

It is a fact that President John Dramani Mahama has been the worst leader that Ghana has ever had. His recklessness and ineptitude are incomprehensible. His handling of everything in Ghana has been very abysmal.

It is looks as if his Presidency is cursed! Ghana is currently gone back again to the entanglement of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) under the failed leadership of president Mahama.

Currently, Ghana needs strong leadership that is incorruptible and sensitive to the concerns of the good people of Ghana. We are all one people created by God to succeed.

Ghana needs strong leadership that is incorruptible to create the enabling environment for the populace and businesses to succeed.

All Ghanaians regardless of their political party affiliations need to stand up to the occasion by doing everything possible to show Mahama the exit sign from the Presidency of Ghana. Ghanaians are tired of the same failed policies of President Mahama being introduced repeatedly with no accrued positive results.

Let us unite to vote out Mahama for the sake of the current generation as well as the future generation. Let’s communicate to one another in this regards. Ghana deserves better than this.

Source: Ghana Must Work (GMW)

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