Rawlings urges wife Konadu to come back to NDC

RawlingsFounder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and ex-President of Ghana, Jeremiah John Rawlings, has extended a hand of invitation to his wife, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, to return to the party.

“Let us invite our mother, Nana Konadu to come back home. I hope she can hear us, I hope she can see us, but then again, can you blame her? He said.

Speaking at the 8th national delegates congress of the NDC in Kumasi on Saturday, Ex-President Rawlings said, although his wife left the party in 2012 to form her own, she cannot be entirely blamed for her decision to leave.

Mrs Rawlings formed the National Democratic Party (NDP) in 2012 after she woefully lost the flagbearship race of the NDC in 2008.

Although she was unable to contest the 2012 Presidential elections due to their disqualification by the Electoral Commission (EC), Mrs. Rawlings has again expressed interest to still lead the NDP in the 2016 presidential race.

Just recently, the National Chairman of the National Democratic Party (NDP), Dr. Josiah Aryeh, told Citi News that the former first lady, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, will contest on the party’s ticket in the 2016 election.

Dr. Josiah Aryeh said the country’s current economic challenges require a strong leader who can deal with the situation, a quality Nana Konadu possesses.

“Nana Konadu will be running for the presidency of this country. I have been a keen observer to the policy of this country; I’ve seen the way in which people have either adroitly or maladroitly managed this country. So we don’t want to be out there and see things happen, be silent observers and witness whatever, but we think that we must show our faces, we are in competitive politics as well,” he emphasised.

Source: citifmonline

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