Mahama blasted at NDC congress

President MahamaThe General Secretary of the Conventions People’s Party (CPP,) Ivor Kobbina Greenstreet, has lashed out at the NDC and President Mahama, accusing them of poor, regressive leadership.

Called upon to deliver a solidarity message at the party’s 8th National Delegates Congress in Kumasi, Greenstreet seized the opportunity to deliver a stinging criticism of the party’s performance in government, which he said was making life unbearable for Ghanaians.

He said it was unacceptable that the NDC was meeting to elect new leaders, when it should have been meeting to reevaluate its policies, which he said had plunged the country into an economic mess.

“We thought you will use a day like this to talk about policies to make lives better; but no -instead you chose today to share your Christmas gifts to yourselves. Instead of you to fight corruption, you have assembled here to share some of the stolen money as Christmas gift. The most obvious thing today is that you don’t care,” he said.

“Ghanaians are watching you and continue to do what you want, we know what to do when the time comes,” he added.

Greenstreet, however, went on to urge the delegates to elect leaders who would steer the affairs of the party while in opposition, stressing that Ghanaian were fed up with NDC’s administration which he said had been characterised by unbridled corruption and unreliable power supply.

His remarks elicited wild boos and jeer from delegates at the Baba Yara Stadium.

Source: Daily Graphic

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