Tamale NGO educates communities on Ebola

The Tuma Kavi Development Association (TKDA), a Tamale-based NGO, has embarked on an intensive sensitization programme, aimed at educating rural communities on the dangers of Ebola, and the possible ways of preventing it.

Through the support of EDUCO, a Spanish organization, TKDA has been able to undertake the sensitization programme at Dinga, Gbanga, Tigla and Adaayili, all in the Savelugu/Nanton Municipality, where more than 2,000 community members were sensitized on the dangers of the disease.

Rev. Mrs Sanatu Nantogma, Executive Director of Tuma Kavi, speaking at the sensitization programme at Dinga, emphasized the need for a collective action to implement preventive measures at all levels, to stop the disease from entering the country.

She said the only possible way of stopping the disease from entering the country was prevention, and that every individual in the country should contribute towards helping to ensure that the disease does not enter the country.

She advised health professionals and the Media, to stop the habit of reporting on symptoms of Ebola, saying, “While it is absolutely important for everyone to help prevent this deadly disease, it serves no useful purpose to suspect every little symptom as signs of Ebola”.

Rev. Mrs Nantogma said, the practice was creating confusion, fear and panic among the people, and it frustrates the fight against the disease, and urged all to refrain from the act.

She thanked EDUCO for the financial support to implement an Early Childhood Development Project at Dinga, which had also led to the Ebola sensitization programme, assuring that Tuma Kavi would continue to embark on programmes and projects that would benefit society.

Madam Joana Quarcoo, Savelugu/Nanton Municipal Director of Health, who educated the people on the dangers of the disease, advised them to desist from consuming bush meat.

She observed that a common phenomenon was the situation where children and bats were competing for fruits in the Dinga area, and emphasized the importance of thorough hand washing with soap, while l fruits and vegetables must also be washed and properly cooked before consumption.

Mr Wilfred Dery, Country Representative of EDUCO, expressed EDUCO’s commitment to the good health of children and their families, to ensure quality education. GNA

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