Jomoro Assembly draws Medium-Term Development Plan

The Jomoro District Assembly has drawn up a four-year Medium Term Development Plan (DMTDP 2014-2017), to accelerate the development of the district.

Under the Plan, Macro-economic stability, accelerated Agriculture modernization, and sustainable national resource management and poverty reduction, among others, would be ensured and sustained.

There would be improvement in infrastructure, energy and human development in the district.

Addressing stakeholders of the Half Assini Area Council, the DCE for Jomoro, Mr Sylvester Daddieh, suggested to the people to use date of the death of late Captain Richard Williams as their future anniversary.

This, he said, can replace the only Annual “Soh Soh Doh” Festival of the people, whose celebration was facing financial challenges.

He said the death and burial of the late Captain Williams, has become part of the history of Half Assini and Jomoro districts.

The meeting was organized by Friends of the Nation, an NGO.

According to a short history of the late Captain, he was in charge of a British Steel Steamer (SS) Bakana, which was to land at Half Assini on August 27, 1913.

The history said the Ship met a bad weather and got wrecked at a wrong site at Half Assini, adding that messages were sent to Ships around for assistance, but they were unable to help.

The reports said while the late Captain and his Agent were going to the other Ship around with a “Surf Boat,” it got capsized by huge waves of the sea, and Captain Williams got drowned but the Agent swam ashore.

His body was seen four days later at the beach near Half Assini by a Native Police and buried at the outskirts of the town.

Due to population increases, the grave has now come to the middle of the third road of Half Assini that has been named after him.

In 2012 the grandchildren of the late Captain traced history to the grave site and gave it a face-lift. GNA

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