Carpenter detained for littering court premises

A 29 year old carpenter had a shock of his life when the Half Assini district magistrate’s court detained him for four hours for throwing rubbish around the court.

Francis Mensah from Shama near Sekondi who resides at Half Assini was released by the court after standing for those hours.

It all happened when Mensah on November 26 this year, threw a piece of wood he was holding at a friend who was standing at the court premises.

The Magistrate Mr Abdul Majid Iliasu, who caught Mensah in the act, called him and questioned why he was littering the area.

To serve as deterrent to others, he ordered Mensah to collect all refuse around the premises and detained him for four hours before setting him free.

The Magistrate later asked Mensah to be “an Ambassador of the court and campaign against littering his community.”

He explained that in Singapore first time offenders of littering the streets are fined, while the second offence attracts imprisonment, adding that is why the place is always neat.

Mr Majid, therefore, urged Environmental Health Officers to arraign those who litter the streets. GNA

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