Togbe Afede: complete projects started in V/R

Togbe AfedePresident of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs, Togbe Afede XIV has decried the “long delays” in completing projects started by the Government in the region.

“I think a big problem we have in this country has to do with the fact that so many projects are started and so few are completed… long delays turn out to make the project even more expensive,” Togbe Afede said at the third general meeting of the regional house of chiefs on Thursday.

“Government needs to look at that seriously… Once you take on a project, you have to complete it,” he emphasised.

To buttress his concern, Togbe Afede cited specific examples such as the delay in completing a theatre in the region, as well as some bungalows which were started in the 1970s.

He also bemoaned the poor quality of some infrastructure in the region. According to him, in some instances, “the quality of the work done is so bad that our scarce resources as a nation have to be spent time and again on the same project.

“We all saw how long motorway lasted before it started developing potholes but most of our roads now, they are done and in no time, they start developing pothole.”

Paramount Chief of Ho Traditional area, Togbui Koku Ahiem IV also expressed concern about the poor road infrastructure in the region. “We are not happy at all about the government because whenever people travel to Ho, you will become a multi-colored human being as you will be either red or black.”

The concerns by the Volta Regional House of Chiefs comes on the heels of a recent demonstration by some residents in the region who expressed anger about the bad roads in the area.

Source: Starrfmonline

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  1. Every government looks down upon Volta region because the natives are BACKWARD thinking group of people.

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