Video: Bishop Obinim stomps on pregnant woman’s belly during exorcism

Bishop ObinimOne of Ghana’s most controversial ‘Men of God’ Bishop Daniel Obinim, a pastor at International God’s Way Church has found himself in hot waters again, this time accused of stomping on a pregnant woman’s belly while performing exorcism on her.

In a video forwarded to a woman can be seen sitting in a chair inside a heavily crowded church hall with a man believed to be Bishop Obinim standing over her and with his left foot stomps her in the belly.

The pastor can be heard telling the woman who appeared to be in pain that all shall be well with her and after a while tells her “God said he is done”.

The video has caused some human rights group including the Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights to issue condemnations.

In a signed statement made available to, Ms. Vicky T. Okine, Executive Director of ARHR described the actions on the video as a “sad reflection of how gullible we are as a community and consequently, how susceptible we are to exploitation – both of which contribute negatively to maternal and newborn survival.”

The group also called on the Christian Council and the Ghana Pentecostal Council to put in placed a system to contain the growing numbers of leaders in the church who take advantage of congregants with needs.


Watch video below:

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