Your Father! You Too Your Mother! – Bature and Ken Agyapong clash over cocaine saga

Ken AgyapongThe cocaine scandal involving Nayele Ametefeh aka Ruby Adu Gyamfi aka Angel, which is currently rocking the country, took a nasty turn yesterday when listeners of Accra-based Okay FM were treated to yet another dose of heated vituperations.

This was when controversial Member of Parliament of Assin Central, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, clashed with known NDC activist and Editor of the Al Hajj tabloid, Alhaji Bature Iddrisu on a live programme amidst wild allegations and unprintable invectives, including the insult of parents.

Even though the lady at the centre of the raging controversy, Nayele Ametefeh aka Ruby Adu Gyamfi aka Angel, was busted at the Heathrow Airport in London, pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing come January 5, 2015, her arrest and the subsequent arrest of others in connection with the case have become a major issue of political debate in the country, with the two leading political parties, NDC and NPP, each trying to link the other with the suspects.

The government has been dragged into the cocaine scandal because of the use of the VVIP Lounge at the KIA by the cocaine baroness and her girls.

The Al Hajj newspaper wrote a story in its yesterday edition claiming the British intelligence services including the MI5 and MI6 had directed their investigative radar on Kennedy Ohene Agyapong over his alleged involvement in the recent illicit drug case of Nayele Ametefeh.
The publication also alleged that Ken Agyapong had children with Nayele Ametefeh, the lady arrested with 12.5 Kilos of cocaine at Heathrow Airport in London.

But the firebrand Assin Central MP did not take the allegations kindly when he was called on the show hosted by Kwame Nkrumah Tikese to respond to the issue.

Even though he described as baseless the claims made by Alhaji Bature and his paper, denying any links or relation with any of the suspects arrested over the 12.5kg cocaine and any involvement in the narcotics trade, Mr Agyapong could not keep his cool and went to town, throwing caution to the wind.

He attacked Bature’s personality, dressing him from top to bottom.

“My dogs will not even allow that stinky man anywhere near me. That man is an illiterate. I don’t want to have anything to do with him. His publication is totally false. How can such an old foolish man fabricate stories to tarnish people’s image. He is a foolish stupid man…He will suffer to his death. God will never forgive this man for his unwise publications.
“…Animal! Alhaji, come to me and I will give you a lucrative job to do. I am not a cocaine dealer and I have never practiced that. Ghana can never develop with stupid people like Bature around,” he fumed angrily.

An obviously distraught Alhaji Bature, who could not defend his publication, also descended into the gutters with the NPP firebrand, literally pooh-poohing on his wealth.

“Who does he [Kennedy Agyapong] think he is? One foolish villager with fortunes. Kennedy made his money from drugs…who doesn’t know about that? I made genuine money when Ken was in school. I will face him squarely and expose him,” he said, with a warning in tow, “He should wait till 2016; idiot!”

I Will Fight NDC Cocaine

In a follow up interview with DAILY GUIDE, the outspoken Assin Central MP said there was a grand scheme by some members of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) to rope him into the Nayele Ametefeh cocaine case which he said would never succeed.

According to him, since Ruby’s case broke, which led to some startling revelations by him about the cocaine lady’s relationship with certain people in the NDC administration, the ruling party had held strategic meetings with the intent to rope him into the Ametefeh case and also publish false stories about him using pro-NDC newspapers.

“First they used Daily Post, then The Herald followed and just today, the AL-HaJJ newspaper followed to link me with Ruby Adu Gyamfi and that according to the newspaper the British Intelligence is after me because of my alleged closeness to Nayele Ametefeh,” he said, stressing that all those publications were not only rubbish, but also intended to divert people’s attention from the real issues.

The MP, while denying any relationship with the lady, said what he knew was that the lady who was very popular amongst some top officials of the ruling government, had been flaunting her wealth wherever she went.

“These NDC newspapers are questioning how I got to know this lady but they do not know that I am a very open politician who goes down to the grassroots, mingle with the poor, middle class as well as the elite in the society,” he said, adding that he was somebody who attended parties and social gatherings so he got to know the lady as someone who lived a bourgeois life.

He said he would never be perturbed by the distractions the pro-NDC papers were seeking to create, adding that he was ready to meet anybody in the NDC ‘boot-for-boot’ if the person tried to publish untruths about him.

“I am going to face them squarely if they continue publishing those untrue stories about me because I have dossiers on many of the top people in the NDC government.”

According to Mr Agyapong, he wished the cocaine issue was not politicised but those in the NDC were not seeing it in that light, adding that under the current government Ghana had become notoriously known as a transit country for cocaine coming from South America to Europe, with many Nigerians and other foreign nationals using Ghana as a transit point for their illicit drug trade.

Source: Daily Guide/Ghana

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