Mimecast journeys with Cloud On Demand into Africa

According to Gartner, the use of cloud computing is growing and by 2016 it will increase to become the bulk of new IT spend. With the exponential growth of cloud adoption in the South African market, the move to expand into the rest of Africa was a logical evolution for the Mimecast and the Cloud On Demand partnership.

“Cloud adoption is rapidly rising in Africa with many companies leapfrogging the steps that other markets have taken to get to the cloud,” says Jonathan Kropf, CEO of Cloud On Demand. “This opens up a massive opportunity for us and our partners to provide world-class solutions to customers looking to utilise the cloud for their critical applications.”

With a significant presence in the South African market, Mimecast, a leader in enterprise cloud services for the protection and management of email and corporate data, took the opportunity to partner with Cloud On Demand and expand its footprint into the rest of Africa.

“As both a partner and customer of ours, Cloud On Demand recognises the benefits that Mimecast brings to its business as well as to its diverse customer base,” says Bernadine Joaquim, Channel Manager at Mimecast South Africa. “Our partnership with Cloud On Demand has evolved over the years, and their commitment to developing their business is well matched to our consistent focus on innovation.”

Cloud On Demand, part of the MB Technologies Group, prides itself on delivering its own hosted exchange platform, complimentary applications and solutions to assist businesses with embracing the benefits of cloud technology; easily and cost effectively .

“We believe that email has moved into the critical application space and as such should be protected with world-class solutions. Our partnership with Mimecast allows us to offer one of the best cloud based unified email management solutions on the market and we expect a long and prosperous partnership,” continues Kropf.

“Partnering with Cloud On Demand across a diverse set of markets including Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Namibia, Malawi, Zambia and Mauritius, presents an incredible opportunity for us to deliver our business solutions to a broader and largely untouched community,” concludes Joaquim.
Through this solid partnership, Mimecast and Cloud On Demand are committed to continuing innovation and development together in order to deliver meaningful business solutions to the growing business landscape throughout Africa.

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