First Lady’s Friend At Ghana High Commission Inflames Tensions In NDC UK/Ireland Chapter

I belong to the generation that had first hand experience of the Rawlings PNDC era in my late teens and NDC 1 regime. I subsequently left Ghana in the few months into the Kuffuor regime but always had interest in what was going on back home in Ghana until 3 years ago when my family and I finally relocated back to Ghana for good. Most, if not all of my immediate family members including my extended family who hate Rawlings and the NDC with a passion, are either NPP card bearing members or sympathisers of the Osono / elephant party. The reason being that, 2 of my uncles who were businessmen during the PNDC era were abducted from their homes at dawn and brutally murdered. An aunt who was a Makola market trader by then was brutally assaulted by soldiers for hoarding goods. My aunt who was then a single mum never recovered from the trauma and her wounds – she eventually died 2years later leaving behind a toddler and a 7 year old.

Even though I have always been one of the people that admits that too many ‘excesses’ took place during the PNDC era I have never shared the view with those who claim that Rawlings was directly responsibly for all the killings and other ‘excesses’ that took place under his watch. More so, I have always and still continue to admire Rawlings from afar, and still hold the view that he is one of the best things that ever happened to Ghana after Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah. I have always kept this secret admiration for JJ and the NDC from my family (apart from a few very close friends) until the 2012 elections when I finally disclosed my preference for the umbrella party to my family and voted for the first time in Ghana. My family members could not hide their disdain for me upon knowing that I voted for the NDC – some of them do not talk to me till date, saying I’m a traitor. I am unperturbed.

Like any political party, including those in the advanced democracies, the NDC is not a perfect party but I will always prefer the umbrella party to any other party in Nkrumah’s Ghana. I believe in the Better Ghana Agenda and the ideology of the NDC party, and I trust that it is the only party that has what it takes to take Ghana to where it is supposed to be in terms of development and raising the average Ghanaian’s quality of life. In the course of my business dealings both home and abroad, and my contribution in party activities within my constituency I have made a lot of friends within the NDC both at home and abroad, especially the UK where most of my business associates are based. I do well to attend NDC UK/Ireland chapter meetings whenever I‘m in the UK, and have made quite a number of friends within the chapter who give me a regular update on the happenings there. I can report that all is not well with NDC UK/Ireland chapter, and the earlier the National Executive Committee including the first lady looked into this matter, the better for the party.

I was in London last October for a couple of weeks and happened to attend the October chapter meeting. I left that meeting very disappointed, dejected and depressed. There were 2 items on the meeting agenda which took nearly 80% of the meeting time; the filling of the vice chairman vacancy occasioned by the late Alex Vanderpuije’s death, and the women’s petition against the women’s organiser. An executive member called Alhassan Mbalba who was expressing interest in the vacant position (and happens to be Zuweira’s choice) and a member called Elijah did display a complete disregard and disrespect for the membership and made some very snide remarks at the chairman. Both Alhassan and Elijah are known to belong to the Zuweira faction. Miss Zuweira Ibrahim is a high level officer at the High Commission who happens to be the First Lady’s friend.

The Zuweira faction seemed to be accusing the chairman of imposing another executive member called Mr Joe Agyeman on the chapter. Mr Joe Agyeman, a pharmacist by profession, has been a member of the party in the UK since the 90s. I have since returned to Ghana but have been reliably informed that a vote took place at the last chapter executive meeting last week Thursday in which Mr Joe Agyeman won after a walk out by the Zuweira faction comprising of Alhassan Mbalba, Wisdom Kofi Adoli the youth organiser, Alex Bediako the organiser and Louisa Nelson, when they realised that their candidate Alhassan was heading for a potential loss. I have in my possession a tape recording of 2 secret meetings held by the Zuweira faction in her home paid for by the Ghanaian tax payer. Amidst insults hurled at the chairman by Kofi Adoli known to be a very arrogant and divisive character within the Chapter, and a key member of the Zuweira faction has vowed that he and his group would ensure that Mr Agyeman the newly co-opted vice chairman is not sworn in at the chapter general meeting come this Saturday. Members are very worried and some have vowed to face off with any one who would make any attempt to disrupt saturday’s meeting. Miss Zuweira Ibrahim must be advised to stay away from NDC UK/Ireland chapter affairs and prevailed upon to bring her people/faction to order. Failure to do so is recipe for disaster for our great party in the UK.

The chapter executives have severe challenges so far as the unity and cohesion of the UK / Ireland is concerned. Morale is very low and most members are very unhappy with the current state of affairs. The situation is quite dire and fingers are pointing in the direction of Miss Zuweira, the Minister of Information at the High Commission. Miss Ibrahim who happens to be a close friend of the first family and cooks for the president and his entourage whenever the president visits the UK, has always boasted to anyone who would listen that she is the ears and eyes of the president in the UK. It is an open secret that Miss Ibrahim was neck-deep in the UK / Ireland chapter elections that was held last year and therefore had a big influence on the outcome of the elections. It is claimed that government scholarships, money rewards and government appointments were promised people who were persuaded to lend their support to Miss Ibrahim’s preferred candidates. One of her key products/prote’ge’s who is gradually becoming the nemesis of the chapter is Louisa Preko Dankwa, the present women’s organiser. Miss Nelson’s conduct since she was handpicked by Miss Zuweira and pushed into that position has occasioned a petition by over 11 women including her two deputies at the women’s front. I will deal with that subject matter in my subsequent expose’s.
Stay tuned.

Long live Ghana …… Long live the NDC
Eye Zu…. Eye Za

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