Radiotherapy centre to be established in Kumasi

Peace and Love Hospital in collaboration with Acibadem of Turkey would soon establish a radiotherapy centre in Kumasi.

Dr (Mrs) Beatrice Wiafe Addai, Consultant Breast Surgeon and Chief Executive Officer of the hospital announced this when a two-man delegation from Acibadem toured the project site on Monday.

They were Mr Gorkem Gungor, a Medical Physics Expert and leader of the delegation and Mr Temel Baltaoglu, Board Member and Technical Advisor of Acibadem Project Management.

Acıbadem is the most precious health care provider of Turkey since 1991.

It offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services with its staff of distinguished health experts; state-of-art medical device equipment, robust technological infrastructure and JCI accredited healthcare approach in 16 general-purpose hospitals and eight medical centres.

Acıbadem is an international reference centre for many complicated treatments requiring an advanced technology and experience.

Dr Wiafe Addai said the centre would be an asset to the hospital to reduce the stress patients undergo after diagnosis and chemotherapy treatment.

She noted that the hospital’s main focus had been on breast cancer, but now treat cervix and prostate cancers as part of the management’s efforts to make it “a one stop hospital on all cancers not only in Ghana but the entire West African Sub-Region”.

Mr Gorkem said the collaboration would include an exchange programme on the training of radiologists and technicians for efficient and effective operations at the centre.

Mr Temel pledged their commitment to establish a state-of-art radiotherapy centre in the county.

Radiotherapy is the use of high-energy rays, usually x-rays and similar rays (such as electrons) to treat diseases. It works by destroying cancer cells in the area that’s treated.

Although normal cells can also be damaged by radiotherapy, they can usually repair themselves but cancer cells cannot.

Radiotherapy is always carefully planned so that it avoids as much healthy tissue as possible, however, there will always be some healthy tissue that’s affected by the treatment and this will cause side effects. GNA

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