MP pledges to restore health boat

The Member of Parliament for Upper-Manya Krobo Constituency, Mr Jeff Tetteh-Kavianu, has pledged to support the District Health Directorate in his constituency to repair a broken down boat.

This will enable seven island communities cut off from the remaining part of the District to have access to healthcare.

His response followed a publication by the GNA, under the Media Auditing and Tracking of Development projects which is sponsored by STAR-Ghana in the district.

The project is aimed at promoting participatory democracy, social accountability and good governance.

The seven communities live on islands in the Volta Lake in the District and have been cut off from healthcare due to the breaking down of the boat used by the health authorities to provide services to the people on the islands.

As a result, the people have access to health service only on market days when commercial boats operate to transport traders and the sick from the islands to Akateng.

As a result of the existing conditions, pregnant women on those islands do not receive ante-natal care and other maternal healthcare services.

The broken down boat is owned by the Ghana Health Service (GHS) and used by health workers to cross the lake to provide outreach healthcare services to inhabitants of those communities.

Mr Tetteh-Kavianu thanked the GNA for the effective collaboration with stakeholders in the district that had brought relief to the people. GNA

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