Mahama’s Corruption Growing From Strength To Strength, Gov’t Taking Pleasure In Corruption

Akufo-Addo for 2016 UK Campaign, a voluntary group domiciled in the UK, dedicated to supporting Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s 2016 election bid to become President of Ghana have come to observe that, Ghanaians of these days tend to Celebrate Corrupt Men and Women, and instead, sycophantically vilify good and non-corrupt people.

President John Dramani Mahama has sought to appear fighting corruption, but in actual sense, he is very corrupt and enjoys corrupt practices.

Today, Corruption has been institutionalised and become highly attractive in Ghana. When our leaders go to bed and seek counsel from their pillows, instead of thinking about good innovative ideas that can move the country forward, they rather get up from their beds thinking about Evil mischievous ways and means to steal Tax-payers moneys and gov’t properties.

Mahama’s corrupt government has now attained legendary status, as a result of total mismanagement of the public purse and failure to take prompt and decisive decision to punish corrupt officials in his government. This has plunged the nation into serious hardship and quickened anger vented out through a series of civil unrests.

For a means to cover up Corruption and Corrupt people in his gov’t, the President, John Dramani Mahamah would quickly set up “so-called Presidential Commission” to investigate the said corrupt people, serving only as a Camouflage so that Ghanaians would cease talking about it in public.

It is on record that, gov’t officials used less than 12 months to share huge amount of money amongst themselves, yet it is taking the Presidential Judgement Debt Sole Commissioner over two years to investigate simple calculated loot and share money. These include Wayome and Asofoton; GYEDA and SADA; Waterville and SUBA; Afriyie-Ankrah’s Brazil World Cup looting and Looting at Ghana National Service Secretariat, etc.

Obviously, Mahamah’s Presidential Commissions that have been set up are just Camouflage to cover up the Corruption under his nose. A government that takes pleasure in corruption!!
Ghana needs a Change of governance; Ghana deserves a change in leadership. A Change that is coming with Hope. A Change that would bring good Leadership, and indeed, a leadership poised to prepare the future from today.

A real Change coming with excellence through Akufo-Addo’s Leadership over an NPP Administration; a combination which is every Ghanaian’s White Hope. Hope, coming with Excellence is Our Banner!!

Source: AKUFO-ADDO FOR 2016, UK Voluntary Campaign Group.

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