FONAA-USA: Strengthen The Unity And Peace In NPP

The United States branch of Friends of Nana Akufo-Addo (FONAA-USA) congratulates Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo, on his election as the Flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party and retaining  Dr Bawumia, the renowned economist, as his running mate.

We also commend the other candidates and the entire NPP family for a peaceful election and the declaration of their unflinching support to the flag bearer to win the 2016 elections for the betterment of mother Ghana. The unprecedented unity and peace in the NPP today, at the time Ghanaians are demanding a visionary and transformational leadership, obviously threaten the incompetent Mahama government.

Expectedly, the Mahama’s regime and its paid cohorts such as the disgraced Al- hajj and Dede Djaba, mistakenly believe they can entice Ghanaians with “vote buying” or seduce Ghanaians into voting for them in 2016 by using deceptive propaganda of trickery and character assassination to tarnish the hard earned reputation of Nana Akufo-Addo. As Franklin Benjamin once said, “tricks and treachery are the practice of fools that do not have brains enough to be honest.”

Despite the empty promises of a “Better Ghana Agenda” by the NDC and Mahama, there is a paralysis of leadership under the Mahama government, which has unleashed back-breaking social, and harsh economic hardships on millions of struggling Ghanaian families today. Many Ghanaians today are unable to feed themselves, educate their children, pay electricity and phone bills. Ghanaians today live under the most corrupt government, with high unemployment, abject poverty, unbearably high cost of living, real insecurity and total breakdown of health, energy, education, water and housing services under Mahama’s leadership.

A recent Afrobarometer research finds that 76% of Ghanaians acknowledge that Mahama’s government has miserably failed to invest in real developmental programs with proven benefits to the country.  An official of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has also questioned the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) over the politically manipulated economic growth rate of 6.9%. It was the second time the Ghana Statistical Services has been asked by the Bretton Wood Institute to correct forged “single digit inflation” figures to acquire financial assistance.

The  Mahama government has moral and trust deficits with the people of Ghana, and therefore lacks the requisite credibility and the necessary capacity to lead the nation out of the current economic predicament to prosperity.  The struggling majority of Ghanaians are demanding a visionary and transformational leadership to save the country from the clutches of the social, economic and political hardships facing the nation today.

The NPP, under the leadership of Nana Akufo-Addo and Dr Bawumia, offers that hope and leadership. The people of Ghana have demonstrated remarkable confidence in the NPP and Nana Addo’s ability to redeem them because of the unmatched record of economic and social progress. The NPP is being called into leadership; and FONAA-USA believes Nana Akufo-Addo and Dr Bawumia and the next NPP administration will not fail the suffering masses in Ghana. The NPP will promote a free, just, stable, economically prosperous and a democratic Ghana void of cronyism, ineptitude and corruption.

Our ability, however, to competently respond to the call of duty hinges on our capacity to unite. We therefore, call upon all NPP members and all Ghanaians to UNITE and foster an agenda for social, economic and political progress for all Ghanaians.  With the presidential primaries behind us, it is time for all patriots to unite, as we strategize for the 2016 elections. With a united front, we are confident we will restore the social, economic and political dignities of ALL Ghanaians.

President John Mahama’s poor  performance, reflected in abject poverty, unemployment, high fuel prices, high electricity bills, and harsh new phone taxes, clearly demonstrates that he does not deserve another term in office. Simply put Mahama Must GO!!!  It will be a mistake to reelect him in December 2016.

The NPP with proven track record of improved economic conditions, and sound investment in health care (thru NHIS), among other programs can restore economic prosperity, hope and dignity to the lives of many suffering Ghanaians under the competent leadership of Nana Addo and Dr.Bawumia.  We reiterate our call to all Ghanaians to join hands, and vote the NPP into power in our collective effort to develop Ghana come December 2016. LONG LIVE THE NPP, LONG LIVE GHANA!!!!!

Kofi Nsia-Pepra, PhD
General Secretary, FONAA-USA

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