Bastiat Ghana to facilitate Africa’s economic empowerment

Bastiat Ghana, a liberal think tank, seeking for economic freedom for Ghana and Africa as a whole, says it has the ability to help players that want economic empowerment for its people.

It says it has the speciality and human resource for those seeking economic empowerment as a long term goal.

A statement issued by the institute on Monday and copied to Ghana News Agency in Accra, said: “Bastiat Ghana has defined it role very well and clear to the mind of its people and that is, in as much as the institute continue to exist in the economic system of Africa, we will only endorse all activities that empower the micro, small and the medium scale enterprise (SMEs) in Ghana and Africa to have a smooth transition into large scale enterprises to create quality jobs and wealth.”

The statement issued by Dr Tweneboah Senzu, Managing Director of the institute said the conducive atmosphere meant for the SMEs to thrive is not available and this is what Bastiat intends to achieve as the organisation celebrates its Silver Jubilee in Ghana.

“The institute believes that if the continent is a land of hope and a promising future, most of it citizens will not abandon it in the name of seeking greener pastures in Europe.

“The future of African has not been transparent enough in its journey through economic freedom for its next generation to exercise faith that will commit them to support in building a continent of paradise.

“Most of our youth view themselves, as living in a state of hell when found on such part of the continent because of economic slavery most of the African leadership makes their citizens to go through.

“We believe that the new wind of knowledge through critical thinking and advocacy blowing through the continent can restore the lost hope of the youth to support building a better Africa for the next generation. We want them to know that they can never take some body’s home as theirs. Home sweet home,” it said. GNA

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