Graphic Showbiz Got It Wrong–Tic-Tac Replies

Multiple award winner, entrepreneur and Chairman of Greater Accra Musicians Union of Ghana, Tic-Tac has expressed disappointment and shock to a story Graphic showbiz carried on him on page-8 of their October 19, 2014 edition with the headline Tic-Tac Back with All Over The World.

Tic-Tac has indicated that he was misrepresented in the said report and things he did not say were attributed to him in a quote.

The writer, according to Tic Tac, stated in her story that he (Tic-Tac) claimed in the interview that he had joined the Azonto and Alkayida train, which was not true. “Neither did I say I have joined the Azonto and Alkayida train nor condemned the revolution”, Tic-Tac explained.

The musician challenged the writer to play the interview and publish for readers since the interview was recorded.

According to the musician who had hits such as Philomina, Mmaformular, Kangaroo, PumPum, Bosoe, he feels strongly about the said quotes because he had his style and even though he had nothing against Azonto or Alkayida, he wished to be known for what he does and nothing else.

He added that the writer should have checked with him on the direction of the song since she got it all wrong and further explained that one of his singles, All over the world, which was criticised, had a different twist and flavour, which he calls Juju music.

Tic Tac mentioned that “I want to create a new path and do something new a little far from the normal groove. It is a mix or fusion of Pop, Hip life, Afro beat and juju music where the vocals drop on the beat at a certain interval, just to make you enjoy the beat, it is completely different” the Kwani Kwani, singer added.

He also indicated that every artiste goes to the studio with a concept and or ideology to enhance his creativity and therefore, one has to understand on warm into the music to really enjoy it. Some songs hit you on first hearing, others get to you after numerous airplay depending on the individual.

Finally he said that he was not above reproach and that his works are open to constructive criticism. “After all criticism is one of the tools that aid us in improving on our creativity,” he added.

Edem Mensah

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