Wanlov: People wish they were like me

WanlovControversial Rapper Wanlov the Kubolor has stated that most Ghanaians who insult and criticise him wish they were like him.

Wanlov has, over the years, been consistent in generating controversy about himself and has been called many vulgar names because society is unable to relate to his style.

Some individuals on Twitter yesterday started lashing out at the ‘Beatrice’ hit maker over some pictures and comments he posted.

But he stated that Ghanaians often insult individuals they wish they were as a result of jealousy, adding that they wished they were like him.

“Ghanaians often try to insult by proclaiming pity for someone while being secretly jealous#WishingYouWereMe#SoakInYorSterileLife,” he posted on Twitter.

Known is real life as Emmanuel Owusu Bonsu, Wanlov is often referred to by many of his fans in Ghana as a ‘Half-Caste’. He was born in Romania to a Ghanaian father and a Romanian mother.

It would be recalled that Wanlov was recently in the news for saying Ghana’s “sickness” was bigger than the dreaded Ebola virus and Cholera.

Wanlov and his lyrical twin, M?nsa, are known for their unique pidgin rap style, which has a touch of the Ghanaian language. The duo who call themselves ‘Foes of Kwame Nkrumah (FOKN) Bois’ are the first Ghanaians to put together a pidgin musical film titled ‘Coz Ov Moni’.

Source: Daily Guide

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