BBA Hotshots: who has a crush on Samantha

big brother africa 006Nigeria’s male rep Tayo is quickly becoming the romance facilitator at the Big Brother House after just three days since hotshots launched.

On day two of the BBA show Tayo made an indirect pitch to win beautiful South Africa housemate Samantha for his “uncle” or friend in Nigeria who owns Ferrari cars that she can drive and have fun with.

Barely twenty four hours later on Tuesday Tayo returned to Samantha this time to win her for JJ.

Samantha told the guys who were trying to term the two as a sort of a developing love birds during drink time in the house that “there is no Samantha and JJ”.

Tayo who thought Samantha was just joking said he is serious about ‘giving’ her to his best friend in the house JJ.

Samantha responded by saying “I am also serious about saying I don’t want your best friend”.

“When I came into the house I was single and I’m still single”

Asked whether she was willing to mingle in the house, Samantha emphatically said ‘No’.

She said her status remains single and unavailable but people are free to claim she is theirs.

Who is Tayo trying to win Samantha for? Is it his Uncle in Nigeria who owns Ferrari cars, JJ, or is he himself interested even though he says he has a girl friend. And will Samantha after all make a U-turn to JJ. will keep you updated when the show returns tonight.


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