Scientific Reasons Why You Keep On Lusting – Always Losing Such A Vital Battle Of The Mind

Hi you man, so you really want to change the situation of your wife/partner not being enough? The situation of lusting after every woman you come across? Masturbation or homosexuality? Your first strength lies in being a comprehensive reader; as you are aware of the fact that biblically, qurannically or Religiously “Readers Are Leaders”. If so why then lust rather leads you for being a reader? Lets start getting the basis right.

Lust is just as old as time and mankind.

The human body is full of fluids and some functions for emotional displays, making sure a viable man lusts or craves sporadically for sex (legitimate or illegitimate). But you are at peace only if the act is itself legitimate, that is under the availability and willingness of a wife. There is therefore the need for control mechanisms sometimes.

Emotions are more often suppressed, and in the course of lust suppression, let’s get it socio-scientifically investigated, even before the pure biologist, physiologist or the doctor comes in with jargons capable of confusing rather than convincing.

Fluids called dopamine and testosterone are intensively at work and you just cannot do away with lust, unless you underline the scientific basis to start working out something disciplinal. As nothing was created for no reason, no fluid exists in the human body for no reason.

From a religious perspective I strongly agree to this; that a normal wish for sex on the part of mankind can easily be hijacked by demonic or evil forces, so that he or she craves for sex abnormally, even at levels where lust will not be enough word to describe (and in such situations seeking the intervention of God is the only way out).

But even in such spiritual cases, the fluids dopamine and testosterone are the targets by such captivating demons, for a man hardly lusts in the absence of dopamine or testosterone. Causes of lust especially among guys have been scientifically rooted on these two fluids. And the more a guy is acquainted with such knowledge, the better he positions to be in control, amidst prayers.

How sure is dopamine and testosterone together causing these sporadic sexual desires? Scientifically lust is caused by;

1. Testosterone Release: Testosterone hormone which develops the body of a young male, has also been established to be the first trigger of lust, that is sex craving in men. Research from the Vrije University of Amsterdam has established that one main biochemical source of lust or sexual craving in men is testosterone, hormones originating from testes of viable men. The research established that even though a guy might not necessarily like a lady he is interacting with (not his taste of woman), testosterone level in his other body fluids involuntarily rises as soon as the interaction begins.

And as testosterone rises, a man’s lusting behavior sets in, gradually changing his actions and inactions from one of a mundane to a more flirtatious or romantics. So like a car’s gas pedal, the more testosterone revs up in man, he is more likely to move lustfully, resulting into the action itself; sex (legitimate/illegitimate).

2. Dopamine Flooding: Dopamine is yet another fluid making us crave. It is produced from a liver product called dopa, after been transported into the brain. A research by Dr Anna Rose from the University of Pennsylvania underscores that when a person watches or hears erotic audio-visuals, his or her optical interpretation in the brain causes the release of more dopamine, which sets the brain for sexual wishes.

The more pleasurable the image or sound is, the more the brain is flooded with dopamine. And the more the flooding; or the quantity of the flooding water (dopamine), the more impossible it becomes to resist a sexual wish.

So the dopamine-flooded brain now takes control of the person, deciding what to do with such sexual opportunity. And the alternatives for unmarried person remains rape, fornication, masturbation or go the homosexual way. Even with married or dating guys, they will often go against the sexual wishes of their partner so far as dopamine is released in excess of the normal brain requirement.

Emotional suppression from the frontal cortex of the brain highly fails at the stage where dopamine floods the lower posterior part of the brain. Suppressing lust at the dopamine-flooded stage may either be slow or simply impossible.

This is because the person, who is habitually releasing more testosterone hormones from mere interaction with opposite sex, now has a synergy in the form of dopamine to help make lust just non-suppressing. The two have combined to over-power the brain and for that matter the entire person sexually.

From the above two, testosterones need the full support of dopamine in order to make you guy unstoppable in sexual cravings, testosterone alone is not enough or suppressive. Meanwhile we out of research know that dopamine does not flood the brain; unless you continue watching or listening to that pleasurable audio-visual. According to a research by one Dr Alexandra Realili from the University of Vermont, both the testosterone release and dopamine flooding work in a split of seconds to drive the guys on.

The research underlines that how arousal a man becomes is highly correlative to what he sees; that is the more nudity or erotic, the more arousal and sexually desirous or lustful the man becomes. Clearly every normal guy indeed is a wired system of fibers, experiencing flashy waves of sexual lust intermittently.

But the timeline for such fluid actions is a major factor in lust differentiations between men and women.

Dr Anna’s research has it that in women, estrogen may change vital-signs (temperature rising, heart-beat increasing, more blood taking the route to genitals, etc), yet it may take time for dopamine to flood that female brain.

So that even though the vital-signs say yes; brain says am still sexually dull, or not ready yet. No wonder you at times hear “I am not in the mood” from that lady even after some duration of caresses and fondles.

At this point, it is very scientific that all things been equal; a person with a brain of high dopamine releasing rate lusts or craves more for sex, than one with lower dopamine releasing rate. And if a sex craving guy can seal the dopamine as soon as it starts to flood, he can with time win himself out of lust and its results (rape, fornication, masturbation or homosexuality).

But is there any scientific means for men to pull the breaks on dopamine flooding? YES! There is—-the dopamine research affirms it.

Take your eyes off that erotic thing you just spotted—-And your mind back to the determination of suppressing lusts. Good! In that way the dopamine started flowing, but you just prevented it from flooding the brain. You may spot, but do not “re-watch” because “re-watching” will just trigger interpretations (neuro-brainal) for dopamine to start flooding.

One thing is solid here, you are cheating, fornicating, masturbating or homosexualizing all because you keep on gazing as well as thinking about that erotically dressed lady, that nudity, that pornography.

Be it whatsapp, facebook, twitter, on the streets, at workplace, home or wherever, you keep on spying erotics, paying attention to revealingly dressed ladies, and as a result flooding the brain with dopamine more often. Who are you then to resist the canal lusts and sexual craves? Once you are flooded, you must be carried away by that nasty and cheating act you don’t want to do.

Probably you really love that partner or wife of yours, but still clinching on to a third party, maybe you are a married person yet sexually craving for that half-dressed lady, probably you are at school but desirously craving for sex-partner.

Scientifically any of your desire is as a result of your posterior brain frequently getting flooded by that D-fluids, and you caused it by gazing and recollecting those nude experiences….you keep tabs on erotics every here and then. No. Start working on the seal to prevent flooding, you have that mental strength or power to correct things.

Here are the formulae;

Spot but do not re-watch; it’s better you overlook every person then, because brain’s interpretation of re-watching indecently dressed woman will spark gazing, you will surely get flooded. You maybe mindful even just after taking your eyes off; quickly remember your determination to suppress lust. By this way dopamine will start reducing from flows to drops.

Chat but do not flirt; it’s better you don’t chat then, because the brain’s interpretation of flirting will get you flooded, and get you back to square-one.

Battles of the Mind are won ONLY by the strongest; Be that strong man

By Abel Okyere
‘a keen observer’

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