America gets 1st Ebola case in Dallas

Ebola virus victimOfficials in Dallas announced on Tuesday that a patient who had just returned from Liberia has been diagnosed with the deadly Ebola disease.

The unidentified patient understands went to the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas after he had developed symptoms which resembled those of Ebola.

The man who did not show any signs that he had contracted the disease till after all most a week of arriving from Liberia tested positive for Ebola after a series of tests.

The case which the US’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed is the first of its kind in the United States since the outbreak started in Guinea, West Africa around December of 2013.

The White House has since the news of the presence of Ebola in America released a statement assuring citizens that “You cannot get #Ebola through the air, water, or food in the U.S.”

As of September 23rd 2014, Ebola is believed to have claimed the lives of some 3091 people mostly in the hardest hit areas of Liberia, Guinea and sierra leone.

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