Man beheads woman for refusing him sex

A 35-year-old alleged Indian hemp smoker, Kwabena Aflo, who beheaded a 65-year-old woman, has been remanded in custody by the Asamankese Magistrate Court for murder.

Aflo is said to have beheaded the 65-year-old palm oil seller, Cecilia Agba, for refusing to have sex with him in her farm at Sukro Bethlehem, near Asamankese, in the Upper West Akim municipality of the Eastern Region, last Wednesday.

His plea to a charge of murder was not taken, and he would re-appear be­fore the court on October 17, this year.

Presenting the facts of the case to the court, presided over by Mr. Charles Wiafe, the Prosecutor, Chief Inspector Peter Azigi disclosed Cecilia was a palm oil seller and resided at Sukro Bethlehem while Aflo is an unemployed Indian hemp smoker, who also resided at Sukro Bethlehem.

He said on Wednesday, September 17 at about 8:30 a.m., Cecilia went to her farm to cut palm fronds.

Aflo, who was smoking in a hideout near Cecilia’s farm, followed her and tried to have sex with her, but Cecilia refused.

Aflo got furious after struggling with Cecilia and took Cecilia’s machete and chopped off her head.

After the heinous act, Aflo returned to the house to change his blood-stained shirt but luck eluded him, when a tenant saw him with the shirt.

The tenant asked him why he was in blood-stained shirt and Aflo told him he met two people fighting on his way home and in the process of separating them, one butchered the other and ran away.

The tenant, who knew Aflo to be an Indian hemp smoker and did not believe what he said, took him to the police station.

The accused, told the police that he had beheaded Cecilia for refusing to have sex with him; and took the police to the scene.

He was subsequently charged with the offence and arraigned before the court.

Source: Daily Guide

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